Soil Erosion Detection within MEDiterranean agricultural areas using HYperspectral data

Funding:  EU - European Union Status
Status: current

SEDMEDHY focuses on detecting soil erosion processes applying airborne and LIDAR remote sensing data within Mediterranean agricultural areas. Specific issues are considered:

1) discriminating crop residue, sparse vegetation and bare soil types using high resolution hyperspectral data;

2) integrating detailed terrain information to account for small scale variations in the topography;

3) defining soil surface characteristics as indicators of soil erosion stages;

4) developing a methodology to classify the soil and crop cover at the pixel and sub-pixel level; and

5) obtaining high spectral resolution data at different spatial resolutions to address scaling issues of future spaceborne hyperspectral sensors (e.g. EnMAP - Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Program).

SEDMEDHY project takes place within EUFAR ( Transnational Access and is lead by CIEMAT (link to webpage, Madrid, Spain. The Camarena area in central Spain (Toledo) has been chosen as a representative area of Mediterranean agricultural environments that present contrasted soil horizons at the surface, and is very sensitive to erosion processes.


Sabine Chabrillat
Group Leader
Dr.Sabine Chabrillat
Remote Sensing
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