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Bam Earthquake: D-INSAR Preliminary Result

On the 26th December 2003 an earthquake (Ms=6.6) shook a large area of the Kerman province in Iran. The epicenter of the devastating earthquake is located at 29.01°N/58.26°E. ESA has acquired ENVISAT radar data (ASAR_IMP_IS2) before and after the quake. Using three descending pass data sets (orbit 6687 9192 and 9693), acquired 11.06.2003, 03.12.2003 and 07.01.2004, respectively, we generated a differential interferogram showing the displacement changes in satellite direction (LOS). The topographic component derived from the data pair of orbits 9192/6687 was removed. The first figure is the radar intensity image centered on the city Bam.


The second one is the differential interferogram. Each color period represents a LOS (line of satellite) change of 2.8 cm. The maximal relative movement change in LOS is about 48 cm and located near the city Bam.

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