EnMAP - Requirements and Technical Outline

Multi- versus Hyperspectral / Potentials

Every material is formed by chemical bonds, and as such can be characterised by spectral absorption features in the electromagnetic spectrum. EnMAP has the capability to detect individual absorption features in the spectra of many materials, solids, liquids, or gases. Actual detection depends on the instrument´s spectral coverage, spectral resolution, spectral sampling, signal-to-noise ratio, the abundance of the material and the strength of the materials absorption features in the wavelength region measured.

Identification – Quantification => Diagnosis

  • Each material on the Earth‘s surface has a unique spectral characteristic
  • Pigments, Minerals, Man Made Object

Spectral Requirements

The Number of bands may vary due to overlap at 900-1000nm and non-linearities of prism design.

Sensor Parameter


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