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HYperspectral REmote Sensing in Europe

HYRESSA is a 2-year project investigating the user needs of the European hyperspectral remote sensing research community with respect to access to and accuracy, quality and conformity of hyperspectral images, especially with the advent of next-generation European hyperspectral sensors like ARES and APEX in 2007-2008.

Furthermore, HYRESSA explores strategies through an exploratory workshop bringing together hyperspectral data providers and users to build a Europe-wide network of hyperspectral remote sensing facilities and to coordinate a user-oriented hyperspectral remote sensing Research Infrastructure.

A contribution of GFZ to Hyressa was for example the coordination of building an extensive European hyperspectral remote sensing contact database of providers and users of hyperspectral images. The contact database built consisted of about 700 providers and/or users of hyperspectral data from 27 countries (23 EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia).

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