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Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Group: Space-borne Microwave Remote Sensing for Prevention and Forensic Analysis of Natural Hazards and Extreme Events

The research project aims at enhancing space-based radar remote sensing methods for data processing and time series analysis, to fully exploit the potential of radar data in understanding natural disasters and extreme events. Rather than developing a monolithic, fully automated system, the idea is to build a modular system that is able to combine existing, adapted and newly developed techniques in a use-oriented manner. It is essential to extract and assess relevant information related to potential natural hazards from remote sensing data. Visual Analytics methods are therefore part of the project, to detect spatio-temporal patterns in large time series data.

Softwarepublication: Eggert, Daniel; Köthur, Patrick; Dransch, Doris (2018): psi-explorer: a visual-analytics approach for the assessment of persistent scatterer interferometry (PSI) data. V. 0.0.1. GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. http://doi.org/10.5880/GFZ.1.5.2018.003

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