Section 1.4: Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

Measuring devices and algorithms

Our spectral laboratory includes two Perkin-Elmer laboratory spectro-radiometers: A Lambda 950 for the visible-near infrared (VNIR-SWIR) and a Spectrum GX FT-IR for the thermal infrared (MWIR-LWIR) domain. We also operate several field spectrometers (five ASD-Field Spec VNIR-SWIR, two GER 1500 VNIR), and two hyperspectral cameras (HySpex VNIR and SWIR) that are used in the lab, field, and airborne acquisitions. Furthermore, we built and use a lab goniometer and conduct measurements with a XRF analyzer. The Modtran code and ATCOR are used for atmospheric- and illumination modeling. A structural whole-plant simulator for three-dimensional plant modeling and a ray tracing software supports simulation studies on BRDF issues. Commercial software used, involves ERDAS, ENVI (IDL), and ArcGIS for image processing, spectral data processing and GIS applications. Additionally, numerous in-house algorithms and programs, necessary for the solution of specific tasks, are developed, such as (1) a specific ‘end-to-end’ simulator for the design and simulation of hyperspectral sensor systems, and (2) thematic softwares for soil and geological mapping based on hyperspectral imagery, available from the web: The hyperspectral Soil Mapper HYSOMA , the EnMAP Soil Mapper EnSoMAP , and the EnMAP Geological Mapper EnGeoMAP.


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