Modelling melt ascent through the asthenosphere-lithosphere-continental crust system: Linking melt-matrix-two-phase flow with dyke propagation

Time Frame:  1 April 2018 - 31 March 2022

Funding:  DFG

Principle Investigator:  Dr. Eleonora Rivalta, GFZ / Prof. Dr. Harro Schmeling, Uni Frankfurt

Personnel:  Dr. Francesca Silverii, Prof. Dr. Torsten Dahm

Cooperations/Partner:  Frankfurt University

Methods & Instruments:  Numerical models / computer simulations

Publications: in preparation

One major unresolved questions in magmatic geodynamics is the physical understanding of the complete sequence of melt ascent from the asthenospheric depth to shallow intrusions (crustal dykes): The physics of melt ascent within the asthenospher is usually described by two-phase flow of melt within a rock matrix. Magma ascent through the lithosphere or crust is usually described by brittle-elastic fracture mechanics. In this project we will combine and couple these two approaches for the first time in a consisten manner. Melt extraction by dykes will be directly coupled to melt generation in the source region, and to the geodynamic evolution of the tectonic system. This new approach will be applied to crustal magmatism such as in thickened crust scenarios like the Altiplano (Andes), and to asthenosphere – lithosphere scale rift-plume systems such as the East African Rift System.


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