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Section 2.1: Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

To study earthquake swarms, crustal fluid flow, mantle-derived CO2 and helium degassing, and processes of the deep biosphere, a new geodynamic multi-parameter in situ laboratory at depth is being established in the framework of the ICDP project “Drilling the Eger Rift”.

The potential of deep geothermal energy in Europe will only be exploited in the future if demonstrations of energy production from deep geothermal energy are successful. lt is therefore crucial that a procedure is implemented before drilling the next deep well, which minimizes the risk of field exploration.

The management of the post mining regions in Europe is important issue for the safety and economic reasons. The PostMineQuake traits the most important hazard related to unexpected ground motion.

This project aims at developing a physics-based tool to forecast the location and time of a fissure eruption following magma propagation below the surface.

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