(b) Pre-eruptive volcano physics

My team and I develop process-oriented analytical, numerical and analog models for the propagation and storage of magma and other fluids in the Earth’s crust. We simulate magma propagation focusing on the effect of rock rheology and stress heterogeneities induced for example by evolving surface loads in the context of extensional or compressional tectonics and stress interaction with pre-existing tectonic structures. We validate our models by looking at the shape, trajectory and velocity of the dikes, crustal deformation, seismicity rates, scaling and organisation of the earthquakes or of the dikes, distribution of eruptive vents and orientation of fissures, and investigate how all these interactions contribute to the evolution of volcanism and architecture of magma storage.


Eleonora Rivalta
Group Leader
Dr. Eleonora Rivalta
Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
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