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(a) Earthquake source

We analyse seismic and geodetic data to image complex rupture processes of natural and induced seismic events over a broad range of scales, from MHz acoustic emissions to large megathrust earthquakes. We develop advanced methods for the waveform analysis, including micro earthquake detection, waveform-based location and moment tensor inversion, seismic source characterisation, kinematic finite-fault modelling, seismic signal classification and earthquake clustering.


Involved scientists from Sec. 2.1:
Simone Cesca
Torsten Dahm
Gesa Petersen
Angela Carrillo Ponce, PhD
Carla Valenzuela, PhD

furthermore involved are:
Sebastian Heimann (Uni Potsdam)
Rongjiang Wang
Jose Angel Lopez Comino, (Granada University)

The work is done in cooperation with  Section 2.4 (Frederik Tilmann, Joachim Saul), Section 4.1 (Bernd Schurr, Vasiliki Mouslopoulou) and the Institute of Geosciences of the University of Potsdam  (Frank Krüger).

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