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The GFZ Mobile Mapping System (GFZ MOMA) is a mobile battery-powered camera system for housing buildings. The aim of the respective camera survey is the preparation of a seismic risk assessment of the recorded building stock. The system consists of an omnidirectional camera, a laptop and a battery case. In the laptop case are beside the computer the voltage supply (alternatively 12V DC or 230V AC), connection possibilities for the camera and an external USB 3.0 hard disk as well as control and display elements. The battery case contains a 12V DC 24Ah battery with charger and sockets, allowing 6 to 8 hours of camera tracing without adding weight to the car battery. The integration of the individual components into the cases was carried out with the support of GFZ Zentralwerkstatt .They created 3D models for the individual components and made special individual parts to operate the camera system in the outdoor area.

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