(a) Hydrothermal sites

The coupling of water springs (hot and cold) with earthquakes and the mixing of different fluid reservoir.

Investigation of the dynamics and interaction of geysers and mud pools.

(b)  Volcanoes

Study of the dynamic and static triggering of volcanic unrest and eruptions.

Within MED-SUV (EU grant agreement No 308665) pressure tansients in the hydrothermal system of Campi Flegrei are being studied using a combination of laboratory experiments (BubbleLab) and continuous pressure/temperature monitoring at fumaroles, mudpools, hot springs, and geothermal wells.

With funding from the now concluded ERC Starting Grant project CCMP-POMPEI (EU grant agreement No 240583) and in collaboration with Atsuko Namiki, Hiroshima University, we have studied the effect of sloshing a layered bubbly magma chamber, see.  We have also investigated the propagation of gas- and water-filled cracks in gelatin to simulate sill formation and sill reactivation in calderas.

(Here: link zu paper)