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Section 2.1: Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Bubble & Volcano Lab

The Bubble & Volcano Lab is an experimental laboratory to study bubble processes in hydrothermal and volcanic terrain.

Equipment: Shaking table, camera system, pressure sensors, modular data aquisition system, vizualisation via LabView

Contact persons: Dr. Heiko Woith, PD Dr. Thomas Walter, Dr. Eleonora Rivalta

Tool Development Lab

We develop advanced numerical methods and software toolboxes for waveform simulation of various data, efficient processing of large data sets, and source modelling and inversion. Our open source products are developed by researchers for researchers. To make the processing and analysis of massive and large data sets feasible, highly efficient software ecosystems are built.

Equipment:  software toolboxes, computing cluster

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Torsten Dahm


The engineering team has expertise in electronic and mechanical development and maintenance of ...

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