Quantification and monitoring of hydrocarbon leakage from Canadian basins: Mackenzie Basin and Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

This research project is carried out in the framework of the Methane on the Move (MOM) project. A portion of the hydrocarbons generated during the maturation of organic matter escapes from the sedimentary basin in which it originated and can enter the atmosphere. The most important of these gases is probably methane (CH4), due to its strong greenhouse gas potential. This project intends to quantify the amount of thermogenic and biogenic methane released into the atmosphere during the evolution of two sedimentary basins in Canada: (1) a biodegraded petroleum system (Western Canada Sedimentary Basin) and (2) a permafrost-influenced environment (Mackenzie Basin). Expected results should not only give a contribution on the quantification of methane budget but also address a possible relation with climate history. The methodology aims at the reconstruction of the dominant processes controlling generation, migration, sequestration and leakage of hydrocarbons in every basin (Figures 2a and 2b ).


  • Luiyin Berbesi
  • R. di Primio
  • Zahie Anka
  • B. Horsfield


  • Geological Survey of Canada (GSC)
  • United Sates Geological Survey (USGS)


GFZ Potsdam

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