SIMULTAN - Sinkhole Instability: integrated MULTi-scale monitoring and ANalysis

The joint project SIMULTAN aims to develop and apply an early recognition system of sinkhole instability, unrest and collapse in Germany.  For this purpose, we joint with a large number of research partners.

Sinkhole collapse processes generally occur in the uppermost few hundred meters of the Earth’s crust, and individual process components can in principle be simple and understood.  However, pre-collapse processes and precursors interact on different spatio-temporal scales with small variation.  This requires innovative, multi-scale observation, analysis and integrated early recognition concepts, especially for urban areas.

Two focus-areas are foreseen for pilot applications: area 1 in Hamburg, and area 2 in Thuringia, for which sinkhole unrest has been identified.  These sites are representative of evaporitic sinkhole formation and are highly relevant since located in densely populated areas.