The CRC "Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems" seeks to develop adequate modelling techniques, by means of which the target variables of the respective simulation can be calculated efficiently.

MAule eaRthquake: Integration of Seismic Cycle Observations and Structural investigations. The 2010 Maule earthquake (Mw=8.8) was the first megathrust event for which a large amount of high-quality data is available for all stages of the seismic cycle and thus is a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of the geodynamic processes that are involved in earthquake processes.

Seismotectonics of the Tajik-Afghan basin and western Pamir

The multi-disciplinary Tien Shan - Pamir Geodynamic program (TIPAGE) aims to exploit the Pamir, the western part of the Pamir-Tibet-Himalaya orogenic system, to address key questions in the geodynamics of continental collision and subduction.

Active deformation of the Ferghana basin and surrounding mountain chains from analysis local earthquake data

Sculpting the Earth’s topography: insights from modelling deep-surface processes - A European Training Network in Earth Sciences

A combined thermochronology and analogue modelling approach to the coupling of tectonics and climate in the European Alps

Adriatic Lithospheric Investigation

During a seismic cycle permanent upper plate deformation may be attained, which can be preserved in the geological record. Accumulation of permanent deformation over many seismic cycles may result from transient deformation related to the interplate earthquake cycle, from creeping of faults in the upper crust and/or ductile flow of lower crustal material. We explore how the unbalanced deformation within an earthquake cycle can reflect the geomorphic expression of long-term deformation.

Temporal and spatial distribution of uplift along the forearc of the segmented Hellenic subduction margin

Helmholtz graduate research school for "Explorative Simulation of Earth Sciences"

SUBITOP (Understanding Subduction Zone Topography through Modelling of Coupled Shallow and Deep Processes) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie framework for training and career development of 15 Early Stage Researchers in Geodynamics, Geophysics, Geology and Geomorphology.

Tracking the tectonic fingerprint of continental collision

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