re3data COREF

The library contributes to the DFG project re3data COREF.

Re3data is an internationally recognized reference tool for research data repositories that currently records more than 2,400 repositories. The openly accessible service was developed in two projects funded by the German Research Foundation (2012-2016) and is used by researchers and services worldwide for research purposes. Scientific communities, funding organisations, research institutions and services rely on the current and exact descriptions and refer to re3data as a trustworthy source.

The main goal of the project re3data COREF (Community Driven Open Reference for Research Data Repositories) is the further professionalization of re3data and the provision of reliable and individualizable descriptions of research data repositories: re3data will provide the core descriptions of the repositories which can be reasonably referenced and cited by the users and which are permanently usable for identification. This includes in particular the unique identification for the automated exchange between services (M2M) that is currently not yet possible. For this purpose, the existing technical platform will be further developed in order to facilitate the subsequent use of the information via research data repositories on a high qualitative level. Within the scope of the project, funding agencies and publishers are especially addressed in order to integrate re3data in their respective guidelines and to promote the use of suitable, trustworthy repositories that follow the FAIR principles.

The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Project start

The project officially started 1st January 2020.

Project partners

  • Helmholtz Open Science Office at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
  • Library of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT)
  • Institute for Library and Information Sciences (IBI) at the Humboldt University Berlin
  • DataCite - International Data Citation Initiative e. V.
  • Networking partner is the German Initiative for Network Information (DINI)


Roland Bertelmann, Tel.: +49 331 288-1650, e-mail: 
Lea Maria Ferguson, 
Heinz Pampel, Tel.: +49 331 288-1948, e-mail: 


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