Installation and usage of Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client


To be able to use VPN to access the GFZ network you have to activate VPN on the "Passwords & Services" site on the intranet.


In case this is the first time you establish a VPN connection via ASA, you need to install the Cisco AnyConnect client. Therefore, go to As GROUP select 'GFZ-Mitarbeiter', enter your username and password and click on 'Login'.

The client will install automatically. Click on "Allow".

Enter the login password of your Mac account to begin the installation.

Manual Installation

It may occur, that the manual installation cannot be performed. In that case, you can download the installer.

Open the downloaded .dmg file and double click on the .pgk file.

After you have followed the instructions of the installer, close the installer.

How to connect

Start the Cisco AnyConnect Client via Launchpad.
Enter "" as server address and click on "Connect".

Select "GFZ-Mitarbeiter" as group and enter your username and password.

The connection will be established.

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