Mineral Nucleation and Synthesis Lab

We are the funkiest lab in the entire GFZ. “Why?” - could one ask. The answer is easy: thanks to our lab we do not have to look for rocks and minerals, scour through continents and dig in dirt – instead we can grow our crystals– nice and clean. This is all possible with our equipment. More details on the ongoing research can be found here 1) Scattering 2) Struvite Crystallization

  • UV­-Visible Evolution 220 Spectrophotometer with a fibre optics add-on immersion probe - Thermo Scientific.
  • Optical microscope Carl Zeiss Scope A1 with camera
  • Conventional hydrothermal reactors 50 mL from Parr
  • Microwave hydrothermal reactor 50 mL from Parr
  • Universal 320 Centrifuges - HETTICH
  • Water Purifier - Astacus
  • Vac Prep Q61 Sample Degas System - Micromeritics
  • Gemini VII Surface Area and Porosity - Micromeritics
  • Ultrasound Sonorex Digitec - BANDELIN
  • IKA KS 4000 IC Shaker
  • Anaerobic Chamber - Toepffer Lab Systems  


Jörn-Erik Hövelmann
Dr. Jörn-Erik Hövelmann
Interface Geochemistry
Building C, Room 228
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-28703
Roberts Blukis
Dr. Roberts Blukis
Interface Geochemistry
Building C, Room 222
14473 Potsdam
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