Ore-forming processes


Several geological processes need to work together to produce metallic ore deposits. Metals are mobilized from source reservoirs (mantle, crust, sedimentary basins), transported by fluid media in permeable structures, and finally deposited as ore minerals in geologic or geochemical traps. The scientific challenge is to understand how this interaction works and what the critical factors are. The applied benefits are better exploration models for sustainable supply security and more efficient extraction of metals from ore. 


  • Global and orogen-scale tectonic and provenance controls on ore deposit distribution
  • geochemical and isotopic tracers for the source of metals, fluid and ligand (S, Cl) in ore systems
  • analysis of fluid and melt inclusions to understand metals solubilities and transport
  • thermo-mechanical and chemical modelling of ore-forming processes in sedimentary and magmatic-hydrothermal setting 
  • petrographic and in-situ microanalysis of ore minerals and their textures to understand precipitation processes and metals deportment

Associated and finished projects:

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