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SPP-SAMPLE: Mantle dynamics and magmatic processes


To understand the dynamic behaviour of the mantle and its consequences for magmatic processes (melt generation, migration and emplacement), plate stresses and lithospheric strength, which are key factors involved in the breakup of Gondwana and development of the South Atlantic margins. Three subprojects headed by section 3.1 contributed to this theme:

1) Composition and melting conditions of primary mantle magmas at the volcanic rifted margin of southern Africa.

2) The role of mantle plumes in the formation of Large Igneous Provinces: constraints from noble gases.

3) Assessing the time-space distribution of magmatism during the opening and evolution of the South Atlantic margins: Integrating volumes, production rates and composition of mantle-derived magmas

Project details

Duration of project: 2008 - 2016

Funding: DFG 

Link: For more information please click here.

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