Elemental mapping by LA-ICP-MS

Our laboratory is devoted to the mapping of minor and trace elements in sulfide and silicate samples. The installed equipment comprises a Teledyne Analyte Excite 193 nm excimer laser coupled to a Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ quadrupole ICP-MS. The Laser system delivers a fully homogenized laser beam which ensures uniform ablation across the entire range of spot sizes with ns pulse length (<4 ns).

The fully synchronized stage motion, combined with fast washout times, make precision depth profiling of spots, lines and areas possible and enables high spatial resolution elemental mapping. The repetition rate is fully adjustable between 1 and 300 Hz with beam size on the sample between 2 and 150 microns. The laser system is equipped with the fast wash out system ARIS (aerosol rapid introduction system) and a HelEx II two volume cell with an accurate stage travel within 1 micron.

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