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H2020 Insurance

As the world faces an unprecedented increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme climate events and associated damage to human life, property and assets, the need to understand and to adapt to these changing climate conditions, is of prime importance. The H2020|Insurance project therefore aims to advance the use of the standardized risk calculation software, called the Oasis Loss Modeling Framework, to increase availability, accuracy and transparency of climate services for risk assessment models and processes. This framework enables the integration of multiple sources of data including environmental hazard, vulnerability and damage data, combined with financial information to provide a risk assessment of potential loss and damage caused by extreme climate and catastrophe events in a given area. Data is made available on the Oasis HUB. The insurance and reinsurance sectors, academia and state municipalities play a key role in the effort of climate change adaptation. These actors work together in the Oasis+ Consortium, a Pan-European collaboration. The GFZ leads the development of probabilistic flood loss models for the residential and commercial sector with a focus on the Danube basin. This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 730459.

Project Website : H2020 Insurance


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