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WTW System to monitor the water quality

(turbidity, electrical conductivity, pH, MIQ-Sensornet)



  • System MIQ-SensorNet
  • Turbidity probe VisSolid® 700IQ
  • Electrical conductivity probe TetraCon® 700IQ
  • pH-probe SensoLyt® ECA




  • We installed the WTW MIQ-SensorNet system to monitor the turbidity, the electrical conductivity and the pH-value of the river Mekong and there feeders. With a extension of the sensor network further parameters could be measured (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen)
  • Within the WISDOM-Project the system were installed to estimate the sediment load of the Mekong and there feeders and to derive the urban pollution.
  • Project (Link)  


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