Topcon DGPS


  • GNSS Receiver for GPS + Glonass
  • 72-channels
  • Basis TOPCON GR-3
  • Rover TOPCON GRS-1 (incl. PG-A1 antenna)
  • internal cellular and radio modems
  • Survey Modes: Static, Kinematic, RTK, DGPS, WASS/EGNOS DGPS, Post-Processing
  • RTK-formats: TPS, RTCM SC104, CMR, CMR+

Application :

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) consists of two GNNS receivers, on as base station (GR-3) an the other as Rover (GRS-1). The differential correction data is transmitted by radio modem. Measurement of spacial coordinates with maximum accuracy (cm). For example positions of measurement sites, monitoring spots or sensor positions.


Manufacturer GR-3

Manufacturer GRS-1

Topcon Electronics




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