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ILRS Activities

Since 2003 we are operating a qualified Analysis Center (AC) of the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS). As such we participate in all activities and pilot projects of the ILRS Analysis Working Group. We routinely analyze LAGEOS-1 and -2 Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) data for the generation of official daily and weekly products which include loosely constrained station position estimates and Earth Orientation Parameters (EOPs) which are input to the ILRS combined solution. The daily combinations serve mainly EOP prediction needs of the International Earth Rotation and reference systems Service (IERS). From time to time on request by IERS the long-term SLR time series are reprocessed for the development of new International Terrestrial Reference Frames (ITRFs).

The figure shows an actual analysis of the daily products of all the ILRS ACs where the difference of the coordinates of the contributing input solutions versus the combined solution is displayed over 30 days. Our solution, named "gfz", is presented in blue.

Recent daily coordinate differences of all the ILRS ACs input solutions versus the combined solution

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