The Zugspitze Geodynamic Observatory (ZUGOG) was established in September 2018 on top of mountain Zugspitze in the European Alps, with the dual targets of validation and calibration of GRACE-FO and supporting research into alpine mountain building processes and climate-relevant hydrological studies connected to the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus. This second geodynamic observatory of GFZ includes the observatory superconducting gravimeter OSG 052, which observed previously in Sutherland, a permanent GNSS station and a local hydrological and meteorological sensor network. The superconducting gravimeter data are available for registered users from the IGETS data base hosted by GFZ. When using this dataset please cite it as follows

Voigt, C., Pflug, H., Foerste, C., Flechtner, F., Rehm, T. (2019) Superconducting Gravimeter Data from Zugspitze – Level 1. GFZ Data Services. http://doi.org/10.5880/igets.zu.l1.001

(Ch. Voigt, GFZ)


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