Temperature Field of the Earth

Knowledge of the subsurface thermal conditions is of paramount importance for the evaluation of geo-resources.Thus the characterization of thermo-hydraulic rock properties and of effective heat-transport processes is essential part of advanced exploration technologies for these resources. Especially in geothermal exploration, the success rates of identifying new geothermal resources can be increased and the risk and development costs can be lowered through implementing pertinent data on heat sources dimensions and geometry as well as thermal rock properties into advanced conceptual models.

Research focuses on both the thermal parameters at lithospheric scale and more specific also on those in the depth domain that can be explored by borehole drilling. Furthermore, we characterize the thermal field and thermal rock parameters at regional as well as local scale, the latter of which directly feed into the development of hydrothermal and petrothermal (EGS/HDR) energy projects. We use data from borehole and surface geophysical surveys, analyze chemical and physical rock properties and develop numerical, geology-assisted subsurface models down the base of the Earth crust by working at the interface of pure and applied geothermics.

Our expertise has developed during work performed in different geodynamic settings in the world, e.g. in the North German Basin, the Erzgebirge and Luxembourg in Europe, the North American Midcontinent, the Andean subductionzone in Bolivia and Chile, the Arabian Shield in Israel and Jordan, as well as in India.


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Geothermal Energy Systems

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