The post-Variscan Paleostress History of the Central European Basin System (CEBS)

The structural inventory of Late Carboniferous – Mesozoic rocks of the basin fill shall give indications on the evolution of paleostress states since Permian times.

Differently oriented faults, along each of which the sense of movement is derived from fault surface structures (Slickensides), provide first constraints on local kinematics. The observed kinematic patterns are assumed to be causatively related to tectonically-induced stress states. For the calculation of paleostress states a new method has been developed which facilitates the evaluation of polyphase fault patterns by combining different well-established approaches (Sippel et al., in press).

From the southern margin of the CEBS we derived paleostress states which primarily can be related to the Late Cretaceous – Early Tertiary inversion of the basin system.

DFG SPP 1135: Dynamics of Sedimentary Basins

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