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Contributions of the crust and lithosphere to the thermal, pressure and gravity field at present and during the Cenozoic

The project is part of the program MOM (Methane On the Move), which aims at predicting methane migration and emission from the subsurface and evaluating potential climate feedback processes by integrated subsurface, ocean and atmosphere modelling. The aim of this sub-project is to assess the lithosphere-scale thermal field and thus provide the large-scale boundary conditions on a global scale in the frame of the larger MOM project.

The first goal of this topic will be to assemble and evaluate global data bases concerning present topography, distribution of sediments, crustal and lithosphere thickness and to integrate those data into 3D models for which the variation in temperature, pressure and density can be calculated. This will lead to realistic estimates on the distribution of methane/ gas hydrate stability zones. In a second step, the reconstruction of earlier phases of Earth history will be carried out integrating all available information on paleo plate configuration, paleogeographic conditions and paleo heat flow indicators. These models will provide the boundary conditions for the individual basins for which petroleum systems and their potential of releasing methane are analysed in other sub-projects in MOM.


Performed as part of the larger Program MOM (Methane On the Move)
- a large international effort with partners from geological surveys, research institutes and universities

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