3D Models of a passive continental margin in the North Atlantic, Norway

The 3D Modell includes the Vøring and Møre segments of the Norwegian Margin and is consistent with seismic, gravimetric and thermal data. Accordingly, the model permits detailed structural relationships between the sedimentary fill, the crust and the lithosphere, in particular concerning the configuration of the continent-ocean transition. Main highlights of the project include the finding that the lithospheric mantle is less dense beneath the ocean than beneath the continent, which can be attributed to temperature differences in the lithospheric mantle. Moreover, the thickness of the adjacent oceanic lithosphere exerts a strong influence on the shallow thermal field of the margin where economically relevant resources are located.



Performed as part of DFG-ESF Program EUROCORES on EUROMARGINS  

  • University Oslo, Norway
  • University Bergen, Norway
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

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