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South Atlantic Margin Processes and Links with onshore Evolution

The South Atlantic and its conjugate rifted margins is a key site to study the whole spectrum of phenomena related to continental breakup and passive margin formation. It is an ideal natural laboratory on which to focus research. The newly funded SPP 1375 will establish a coordinated research program on passive margin processes by the German geoscience community. While focused on the South Atlantic research within the SPP will be process-oriented and the programme wlll maintain a global perspective through comparative studies and exchange with other key regions, most notably the Central and North Atlantic. The GFZ part of SAMPLE consists of   3 projects

ELCONA(Magnetotellurics; On/offshore deep electrical conductivity structure to investigate the Walvis Ridge magmatism and its interaction with the Kaoko Mobile Belt in northern Namibia)

LISPWAL(Seismics; Lithospheric structure of the Namibian continental passive margin at the intersection with the Walvis Ridge from amphibious seismic investigations)

WALPASS(Seismology; Walvis Ridge Passive-Source Seismic Experime)

Time frame - 2006-2016 (further publications in progress)

Funding - DFG - German Research Foundation

Principal Investigators

Michael Weber (GFZ Potsdam)

ELCONA: Oliver Ritter, Ute Weckmann (GFZ Potsdam), Marion Jegen (GEOMAR)

LISPWAL: Trond Ryberg, Christian Haberland (GFZ Potsdam), Jan Beermann (GEOMAR)

WALPASS: Xiaou Yuan (GFZ), Wolfram Geissler, Wilfried Jokat (AWI)


Gerhard Kapinos (GFZ Potsdam); Karen Wittig, Benjamin Bräuer (GFZ Potsdam); Benjamin Heit (GFZ Potsdam)

Project webpage - www.sample-spp.de/

Cooperations - GEOMAR, AWI, about 6 Universities, Geological Survey of Namibia


Ryberg, T.; Haberland, Ch. (2021): Data of the controlled source seismic profile LISPWAL2: Lithospheric structure of the Namibian continental passive margin at the intersection with the Walvis Ridge. GFZ Data Services. https://doi.org/10.5880/GIPP.201111.1

Ryberg,T., Bauer; K., Haberland, Ch., Weber, M. Behrmann, J.H., Jokat, W. (2017): A deep seismic transect across the landfall of Walvis Ridge onshore North Namibia. Tectonophysics, submitted

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We thank the GIPP for providing the instruments and our local partners in Namibia for their support in the deployment of the stations

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