Inkaba yeAfrica - Southern Margin

The southern margin of South Africa (Agulhas Karoo Geoscience Transect)

The Agulhas Karoo Geoscience Transect covers the southern margin of South Africa, from the oceanic Agulhas Plateau, across the Falkland-Ahulhas Shear Zone that dominates the sharp continent-ocean boundary, the continental shelf, and extends some 600 km inland, where it crosses the Cape Fold Belt (CFB) and the Karoo basin with its underlying, ca. 1 billion year old Kibaran (~Grenville in N America) basement. Close to the boundary between the Namaqua Natal Mobile Belt (NNMB) and the CFB, is the Beattie Magnetic Anomaly (BMA) - the world's largest onshore crustal magnetic anomaly and the Southern Cape Conductive Belt (SCCB), with their enigmatic sources buried below the Karoo.

Principal Investigators

  • Karsten Gohl (AWI)
  • Ute Weckmann (GFZ)
  • Maarten de Wit (UCT)
  • Hartwig Frimmel (UCT)



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