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Groß Schönebeck

Monitoring of microseismicity due to fluid injection

The project aims to investigate the possibility of monitoring microseismicity due to fluid injection in sedimentary rocks. The drill hole which is used for the frac-experiment is situated in Gross Schoenebeck, 45 km north of Berlin. Here a sedimentary cover of 4.2 km exists. Between 3.8 and 4.2 km depth (open hole area) 2829000 l of fluid were injected. Continous seismic recordings were made at 28 stations from 25th February to 7th March 2003, including the injection phase, with a sampling rate of 1000 Hz.

Time Frame

  • Spring 2003

Principal Investigators

  • M. Weber
  • E. Huenges
  • T. Ryberg
  • A. Schulze
  • F. Zetsche

Project Website

  • For more information visit the geothermal project page in situ geothermal lab - GFZ Research Drilling in the vicinity of Berlin


  • T. Tischner, BGR Hannover
  • H. Buness, GGA Hannover

Methods & Equipment

  • Passive monitoring of microseismicity due to fluid injection
  • 28 stations with 3 - component, 4.5 Hz geophones


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