3rd Workshop
DESIRE 2011,
5th and 6th May 2011
GFZ, Potsdam


Thursday, May 5, 2011

  • Weber: Introduction
  • S. Sobolev: What we learned from the thermo-mechanical modeling of the Dead Sea Transform and the Dead Sea Basin
  • Uri ten Brink: Geometry and evolution of the Dead Sea Basin from seismic tomography, gravity and subsidence analysis
  • F. Schütz: Geothermal parameters of south-central Israel
  • A. Rödder: 3D conductivity model of the Araba fault with Short-Offset-Transient-Electromagnetic data
  • J. Stankiewicz: Shallow lithological structure across the Dead Sea Transform derived from geophysical experiments
  • N. Meqbel: 2D and 3D Inversion results of the magnetotelluric measurements across the Dead Sea
  • M. Scheck-Wenderoth: Deep control on shallow heat: 3D models of sedimentary basins and their underlying lithosphere
  • U. Meyer: Helicopter gravimetry and GPS
  • H. Götze: 3D modelling and synoptic interpretation
  • E. Sandvol: Latest models for the northern Middle East
  • A. Kaviani: New constraint on the seismic anisotropy beneath the Dead Sea Transform Fault from seismological data of the DESERT and DESIRE networks
  • A. Mohsen: Crustal structure of the Dead Sea basin (DSB) from a receiver function analysis
  • B. Bräuer: The structure of the southern Dead Sea basin revealed from local earthquake data
  • G. Grünthal/H. Schelle: Seismic hazard of the Levant: time-independent and a new time-dependent approach
  • H. Al-Rashdan: Geophysical Studies of the tectonic features in the Dead Sea area
  • J. Al Dabbeek: Assessment of Seismic Site Effect for Rawabi First Palestinian Planned City

Friday, May 6, 2011

  • S. Sobolev: What we learned from the thermo-mechanical modeling of the Dead Sea Transform and the Dead Sea Basin
  • A. Petrunin: How to reconcile contradictory geophysical observations on the Dead Sea region using multi-scale thermo-mechanical modeling
  • C. Kottmeier: A unique atmosphere - meteorological research in the Dead Sea region
  • S. Geyer: Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Dead Sea Area
  • A. Brauer: First results of the Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project (DSDDP)



Mohsen, Tezkan, Hofstetter, Lerch, Rödder, Förster, Schütz, Geyer, Maronde, Dabbeek, Mechie, Stiller, Förster, Ten Brink, Rybakov, Kaviani, Sobolev, Garfunkel, Yazgeen, Meqbel, Be-Avraham, Hakimhashemi, Weber, Meqbel, Darwish, Ritter, Jentzsch, Haak, Karte, Sandvol; Meyer; Woith, Harjex, Abu-Ayyash, Wohlenberg, Al Rashdan, Stankiewicz

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