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1st Workshop
DESIRE 2007,
6th and 7th September 2007
GFZ, Potsdam


Thursday, September 6, 2007

  • Weber: Introduction
  • Agnon: Localized plastic necking of a plate: A mechanism for leaky transform formation
  • Grund: GPS constraints on crustal deformation: Results of 2006 and 2007
  • Mechie: The structure of the Dead Sea Basin from seismic refraction/reflection measurements
  • Stiller: De-noising of the NVR field data and preliminary stacking results
  • Meqbel: 2D conductivity model in the DSB obtained from the MT-measurements
  • Bauer: Pre-stack line drawing migration applied to DESERT/DESIRE
  • Götze: The Dead Sea Transform from above and from space - the gravity investigations of the DESIRE project
  • Meyer: Helicopter-borne gravimetry and its application in DESIRE
  • Choi: The first 3D density model along the DESIRE profile
  • Rybakov: Magmatics in the DST valley

Friday, September 7, 2007

  • Geyer: Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Dead Sea Area (SUMAR) – A Helmholtz Dead Sea Projekt
  • Janssen: The internal structure of the DST-insights from geological & geochemical studies
  • Steinitz: 10+ years of radon monitoring at the Dead Sea
  • Bräuer: Local Earthquakes in the southern Dead Sea region
  • Mohsen: Crustal Structure of the DSB from Teleseismic Receiver Functions
  • Dabbeek and El-Kelani: Seismic vulnerability in Palestine cities: Site effects estimation in Nablus City
  • Hakimhashemi: Time-dependent seismic hazard in the Dead Sea Area
  • Petrunin and Sobolev: Influence of crustal rheology the pull-apart basin evolution - Evidence from 3-D thermo-mechanical modeling
  • Meneses: Modelling plate motion in Middle East in thin-shell approximation
  • Sobolev, Petrunin and Garfunkel: How to make the Dead Sea Basin?


Prof. Dr. Michael Weber, Carola Ocholt, Dr. Khalil Abu Ayyash, Prof. Dr. Amotz Agnon, Dr. Jalal N. Al-Dabbeek, Samer Al-Makamreh, Mahmoud Al-Qaryouti, Hussam AlRshdan, Azzam M. Ammouri, Dr.Günter Asch, Dr. Andrey Babeyko, Dr. Yossi Bartov, Dr. Klaus Bauer, Dr. Michael Becken, Katharina Becker, Prof. Dr. Zvi Ben Avraham, Dr. Marco Bohnhoff, Benjamin Bräuer, Dr. Jens Bribach, Dr. Sungchan Choi, Dr. Radwan El Kelani, Dr. Eng. Bassam M. Fakhouri, Dr. Andrea Förster, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Förster, Prof. Dr. Karl Fuchs, Prof. Dr. Zvi Garfunkel, Dr. Stefan Geyer, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Götze, Volker Grund, Dr. Gottfried Grünthal, Dr. Christian Haberland, Amir Hakimhashemi, Dr. Rami Hofstetter, Karl-Heinz Jäckel, Dr. Christoph Janssen, Eng. Darweesh Jaser, Dr. Jürgen Klotz, Christof Lendl, Dr. H.-Dietrich Maronde, Dr. James Mechie, Ernesto Meneses Rioseco, Naser Meqbel, Dr. Uwe Meyer, Ayman Mohsen, Dr. Gerard Muñoz, Anne-Kathrin Nüsch, Marco Paschke, Alexei Petrunin, Anton Popov, Dr. Oliver Ritter, Prof. Dr. Georg Rümpker, Dr. Trond Ryberg, Dr. Michael Rybakov, Jamal Y. Salah, Dr. Holger Schelle, Dr. Albrecht Schulze, Dr. Avi Shapira, Dr. Stephan Sobolev, Dr. Jacek Stankiewicz, Dr. Gideon Steinitz, Manfred Stiller, Dr. Dietrich Stromeyer, Prof. Dr. Rutger Wahlström, Dr. Ute Weckmann, Kristina Tietze, Dr. Heiko Woith, Thomas Ziegenhagen

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