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WeatherSeis - RMT

The critical zone is a breathing, living and constantly evolving near surface boundary layer. In this layer, rocks, soil, water, air and living organisms interact. These complex interactions regulate the natural habitat and determines the availability of life sustaining resources and water as well as water quality. In spite of the importance of the critical zone, this layer is still poorly understood regarding physical parameters. Using several electromagnetic methods along with P-wave- and S-wave seismics, it is possible to get a detailed image of the electrical resistivity and velocity distribution in the first 100 meters.

In September 2016, RMT measurements were carried out in the Black Forest near Freiburg. Along four parallel 250 meter long profiles approximately 200 RMT soundings were realized.

Time frame

  • 9/2016 - 1/2018


Principal Investigators

  • PD Dr. Ute Weckmann (GFZ Potsdam)
  • Prof. Bülent Tezkan (Uni of Cologne)


  • Nadine Pützer


  • University of Cologne

Methods &  Equipment

  • RMT (MK5SM25)



We would like to thank Markus Gurk, Oliver Ritter and Imamal Muttaqien for their help with the RMT field experiment.

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