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The MAMBA geophysical project aims to explore the ocean-continent transition at the passive continental margin of Namibia, just south of the Walvis Ridge.


Continental breakup at the Namibia passive margin was accompanied by emplacement of a large number of subvolcanic ring-type intrusive complexes in northern Namibia (the Damaraland complexes). The seismic experiment SIMBA is focussed on the detailed crustal structure around one of the largest intrusive complexes, Messum. It furthermore aims to complement the northernmost profile of the MAMBA'95 experiment. The two projects are part of the interdisciplinary GFZ Namibia project.


The project ORYX aims to investigate details of the crustal structure crossing the Waterberg fault zone south of the Erongo Mountains in central Namibia. The special aim of our project is a combined near-incidence and wide-angle seismic reflection survey using 35 mobile six-component stations of GFZ Potsdam, each supplied with 6 vertical geophones (180 seismic channels) along two 18 km long lines across the Waterberg fault zone.


Focus of the MT experiments is to gain an electrical conductivity image of the central part of the Damara Belt with its tectonic boundaries and structures.

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