European Plate Observing System - Sustainability Phase

EPOS, the European Plate Observing System, is a long-term plan to facilitate integrated use of data, data products, and facilities from distributed research infrastructures for solid Earth science in Europe. The overall objective of EPOS-SP is to perform activities aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the EPOS Research Infrastructure as the European key Research Infrastructures for Solid Earth Science.

Our group - together with our colleagues from Section 2.4 – works on the deliverable „Best practice for field work, data management and QC of temporary deployments“.

Time frame

  • 2020 - 2022


  • Horizon 2020, INFRADEV-3 call, Grant Agreement No. 871121

Principal Investigators

  • Massimo Cocco (INGV, Italy)
  • Joern Lauterjung (GFZ Potsdam)


  • Benjamin Heit (GFZ Potsdam)
  • Christian Haberland (GFZ Potsdam)




    • N/A (just started)
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