Broadband Seismometer / GÜRALP CMG-3T

The GÜRALP CMG-3T, made by GÜRALP, is a force balance broadband seismometer. Adaptor cables are available for the EarthData recorder.

Pool Contents
Seismometer                             GÜRALP CMG-3T

Mechanical Parameters
Sensor                                           3 orthogonal sensors
Resonances                                 above 140 Hz
Control                                          Zero position (re-center pulse input at 3T only)

Signal Output
Generator Constant                  2 * 750 Vs/m
Response                                      Ground velocity from 100 sec to 50 Hz
Max. Output                                ±20 V

Physical Parameters
Power Consumption                1.2 Watts @ 12 V
Weight                                            12 kg
Operating Temperatures     - 10 to + 65 °C (3T: ± 10 °  without recentering)


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