Recorder / SUMMIT

The SUMMIT, made by Deutsche Montan Technologie (DMT), is a multi-channel digital recording system. The system consists of single-channel recorders (Remote Units, RU) connected along a two-wire Data Link, and a Central Unit (PC-board or workstation). Sensor adaptors are available for geophone chains (PE-7 connector) and for the S_ MARK L-4C-3D geophone.
The information is stored first in the Remote Unit on nonvolatile RAM, and then transmitted to the Central Unit on request.
Remote Unit ID Numbers are set by a SUMMIT handheld terminal. Parameter SetUp, Line Check, and Data Retrieval are controlled from the Central Unit.
Long Data links require Repeater Units (RP) every 250 m. All Repeater Units also implement the function of Line Distributor Units.
An 'intelligent RP' is currently tested. It will make available the same remote control functions as given for the Remote Units (RU).

Pool Contents
Remote Units                                               96 Units: 2 Channels, 48 kSample/Channel, external power supply
Repeater and Distributor Units,           units 80 Units: Repeater (for max. cable length of 250 m)
80 units
Data Link Cable                                          40 drums: 250 m, built-in line terminator at each end
                                                                          10 drums: 120 to 230 m, spare cable

Input Signal
Channels                                                      2
Clipping                                                        4 Vpp @ low preamp (0 dB)

Digital Signal
Sample Interval                                         1/32; 1/16; 1/8; 1/4; 1/2; 1; 2; 4; 8 ms
Format                                                           4 Byte, SEG2
Digitizer                                                         24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC
Preamplifier                                                 1 or 8 (0 dB resp. 18 dB)

Time Keeping
Clock                                                               1*10e-6
Synchronisation                                         Record Start pulse to all RUs by Central Unit

Data Storage
RAM                                                                 48 kSample/channel

Physical Parameters
Battery Power Usage (external 12V/12Ah battery)
Remote Units                                               300 h (stand-by)
                                                                           220 h (20% acquisition)
                                                                           150 h (max. acquisition, e.g. vibroseis)
Repeater                                                        200 h (stand-by)
                                                                          100 h (continuous line check or data transfer)

Recorder/Repeater                                      2 kg
Battery                                                             12V/12Ah 4 kg
Cable Drum 250 m                                       9 kg

Operating Temperatures
Recorder/Repeater                                    -30 to +80 °C

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