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Recorder / GEODE

The Geode™, made by Geometrics, is a multi-channel digital recording system. The system consists of 24-channel recorders linked together by an interface cable using TCP/IP, and finally linked via interface box to a common PC LAN socket. Each recorder box is feed by a 260 m geophone spread cable (GIPP ordered two 130 m cables instead) having takeouts for PE-7 clips every 10 m.
The information is stored first in the recorder box (volatile RAM!!), and then transmitted to the PC on request.
Parameter SetUp, Line Check, and Data Retrieval are controlled via PC.

GEODE Recorder Box             12 Units á 24 Channels
Battery Box                                 11 Units; 12 V 24 Ah
Interface Box                                3 Units
Interface Cable                          20 drums; 130 m
Geophone Spread Cable
       20 drums; 125  m
Trigger Cable                                1 drum; 100  m

Input Signal
Channels                                     24
Clipping                                       2.8 Vpp @ low preamp (0 dB)

Digital Signal
Sample Interval                        0.02, 0.03125, 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 8.0, and 16.0 ms
Format                                         SEG-2, SEG-D and SEG-Y
Digitizer                                       24-bit Delta-Sigma; 110 dB @ 2 ms
Preamplifier                               24 or 32 dB; 12 or 24 dB; 0 dB (software selection due to jumper setting)

Time Keeping
Clock                                             0.5 ppm
Synchronisation                       GPS - PPS at PC

Data Storage
RAM                                               65,536 Samples per Channel (volatile!)

Battery Power Usage
Recorder Box                             0.2 W (stand-by)
                                                        0.65 W ( acquisition)

GEODE                                         4 kg
Battery Box 12 V; 24Ah          11 kg
Spread Cable Drum                11 kg
Interface Cable Drum            12 kg
Trigger Cable Drum                8 kg

Operating Temperature
Recorder/Repeater              - 30 to +70 °C

Contact: Falk Brethauer

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