Geophone / MARK L-4C-3D

The MARK L-4C-3D, made by MARK PRODUCTS, is a 3-component geophone. Adaptor cables are available for EarthData recorders.

The connector has been replaced by a self-cleaning type. The wiring also has been changed: Resistors are added internally to obtain a damping of 0.7, and for a standardized calibration of each single component.

Pool Contents
Seismometer                           170 Units: 3 components, 1 Hz, 5500 Ohms coil resistance

Mechanical Parameters
Sensor                                        3 orthogonal geophones

Signal Output             
Sensitivity                                 180 Vs/m (due to built-in damping)
Response                                   Ground velocity from 1 Hz to >100 Hz
Damping                                    set to 0.7 by built-in resistor

Physical Parameters
Weight                                          13 kg (incl. adjusting plate)
Operating Temperatures     -20 to + 60 °C

Poles and Zeros

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