SIOLA - SeIsmicity and neOtectonics of the LAptev sea region

In the Laptev Sea one of only very few examples of transition between oceanic and continental rifting is found. Generally, rifting processes are associated with focused earthquake and also magmatic activity, whereas the Laptev Sea shows diffuse seismicity and is amagmatic. This project will study the recent geodynamics and reconstruct Cenozoic rift evolution. Within this study we deployed 25 short-period seismic stations between Summer 2016 and Summer 2018 in the Lena delta and the region around Tiksi (Sibiria).

Time frame

  • 2016 - 2019


  • AWI, GFZ, Uni Potsdam

Principal Investigators

  • Wolfram Geissler (AWI), Frank Krüger (Uni Potsdam), Christian Haberland (GFZ)

Project Website


  • Institute of Oceanology, RAS (Russia, Moscow), Yakutsk Division of Geophysical Survey of the Siberian Branch, RAS (Russia, Yakutsk)

Methods & Equipment

  • Temporary seismic network, receiver functions, earthquake localisation, array methods, tomography, focal mechanism
Christian Haberland
Group Leader
Dr. Christian Haberland
Geophysical Deep Sounding
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