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This observatory, our most recent addition, is embedded in the Virtual Helmholtz Institute (VI) DESERVE. It explores Earth system processes under the unique conditions of the Dead Sea area in a joint endeavour by the Helmholtz Centres KIT, GFZ and UFZ and their Middle East partners. DESERVE explores an environmentally unique region on Earth addressing three grand challenges: environmental risk, water availability, and climate change by combining long-term monitoring of geophysical parameters (stations are identical to IPOC), studies of coupled processes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, and lithosphere as well as models for prediction and remediation strategies of geogenic risks.

multi parameter station

The Dead Sea region is especially sensitive to climate change and human influences such as ground- and surface water over-exploitation for agriculture and industrial purposes; here environmental processes are subject to boundary conditions that cannot be found elsewhere on Earth (e.g., the combination of atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere and geosphere processes controlling the development of sinkholes). Results obtained in the Dead Sea region also constitute a test bed for initiatives like ACROSS.


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Prof. Dr. Michael Weber
Geophysical Deep Sounding

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