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Section 4.6: Geomorphology


Organic Surface Geochemistry Laboratory

In the Organic Surface Geochemistry Lab we conduct research on regional differences of the causes and effects of past climate change and variations in biogeochemical cycles.

Physical Laboratory

In the Physical Laboratory, we perform experiments to study mainly the interactions of sediment and water, but also measure rheological properties of sediment and prepare samples for further analysis in the other labs.

Sediment Laboratory

In the sediment lab we analyse the compositional properties of sediments. Disentangling sediments allows scientists to infer the history of the sediments, interpret sedimentary archives and learn about the processes that have generated and transported the sediments.

Field Focus Sites

Taroko National Park

Taiwan is one of Earth's most interesting locations, because high uplift rates meet with powerful taifuns. Therefore we set up an observation network of high precision meteorological, hydrological and seismic stations.

C³ - Cliff Coast Collapse Detection Network

Cliff coasts distinctively separate the terrestrial and marine realms and adjust catastrophically by slope collapses with severe consequences for both of these realms. To better understand collapse timing and drivers, we seismically monitor the chalk cliff section of Rügen, Germany.

Reintal Rock Fall Focus Site

Rock falls are important agents of erosion that shape the topography of bedrock slopes and often threaten life and infrastructure. Therefore a profound understanding of spatial and temporal rock fall patterns and of rock fall triggers is of high importance.

Field Equipment

Construction and Design

Tailor Made Equipment for Science

The observation and analysis of the Earth system requires specially designed measurement technology and analyzing tools. We develop custom solutions to enable scientific field work under the most severe conditions.

High Resolution Topographic Surveying

Mapping the world in 3D

We have a collection of field equipment for the acquisition of high resolution topographic data which enables us to investigate magnitudes and patterns of surface processes such as fluvial erosion and deposition, rockfalls, landslides, and debris flows.

Seismic Devices and Software

Seismic Stations for Autonomous Acquisition and Transmission of Data

Broadband seismometers, geophones, and data loggers enable us in combination with custom software libraries for the preparation, analysis and visualisation of data to investigate Earth surface dynamics at the catchment scale.

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