Subproject 3 of the joint project HyINTEGER Investigation of the influence of microbial metabolism on the material integrity in bore wells

Funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Status: laufend


Friedrich-Schiller-Universtät Jena, Technische Universität Claustal, EnergieForschungsZentrum Niedersachesen, Goslar Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz

The aim of the joint project HyINTEGER is to investigate the interactions between the technical installations at a geological hydrogen storage (pore storage) and its natural reservoir components. In the frame of the subproject 3, basic knowledge is gained about the complex interactions between the materials used for the installation and completion of a bore well with the rocks, fluids (focusing on hydrogen) and the microbial community. Hereby, different conditions in terms of the temperature, pressure and salinity are investigated. The interaction between the bore fluids, the casing, the cementation and different installations are analyzed in incubation experiments in order to improve the geo-scientific understanding regarding the influence of biological processes contributing to the alteration and corrosion of construction materials. The overall aim of the investigations is the evaluation of the influence of microbial metabolism on the integrity of the bore well and the corrosion of the installations on the surface and in the reservoir.

(A) high pressure vessel and (B) pressureless bottel for the incubation of rocks and fluid with different construction materials, (C) SEM image of biofilm-like structures on the surface of rock samples, (D) comparative genetic fingerprint analysis based on bacterial 16S rRNA from the fluid of long-term experiments.

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