The project SPWD (Seismic Prediction While Drilling) aims at the development of a seismic while drilling system for borehole exploration in particular for the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs. The main aim of the seismic system is the recognition of geological structures in the direction of the borehole axis which allows an adjustment of the drill path. The seismic system will be situated close to the drill bit. Therefore, a fast and safe data transmission to the surface is a precondition for a real time data interpretation and pre-diction of the geological conditions in the surrounding area of the drill bit. The established data transmission systems in boreholes (e.g. mud pulse technique) are not suitable for this purpose. The project SPWD-BUSData (SPWD-Bring Up Seismic Data) studies the feasibility of a wireless, applicable and fast seismic data transmission for geothermal drilling projects. The research work will be done in cooperation with the Heinrich-Hertz-Institute (Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications) in Berlin as well as the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. Within SPWD-BUSData the seismic data will be transmitted by acoustic waves along the drill string using new techniques developed for mobile radio communication. At first the transmission channel will be characterized, modeled and simulated and subsequent a demonstration transmission system developed and tested at a testlab in the Research and Education Mine “Reiche Zeche” of the Technical University of Freiberg. A final borehole data transmission test is planned on a 1500 m long drill string.

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