Magnetic flow tomography

Aim: Inferring ocean flows signature in magnetic CHAMP measurements.

In quite distinct areas such as metallurgy, crystal growth, geophysics and ocean flow analysis there is a growing interest in contactless methods of flow velocity determination based on the inversion of induced magnetic field measurements. This applies to the industrial continuous steel casting, to modern silicon crystal growth under the influence of magnetic fields, to the determination of the liquid metal flow in the Earth's outer core and in dynamo experiments as well as to the magnetic sensing of ocean currents by satellites. Independent from each other, some of these topics have recently achieved a breakthrough, and all are based on sophisticated magnetic field measurements and velocity reconstruction techniques. The intention of the project is to bring together those scattered activities and to push them forward by using synergies between the different approaches. We are involved in inferring ocean flows from CHAMP measurements, a task which requires very high quality magnetic data, as the ocean flow effects in magnetic signal is weak, of the order of a few nT at the CHAMP altitude.

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