Swarm Data Quality Workshop

After the Second International Swarm Science Meeting in 2009, GFZ hosts the 4th Swarm Data Quality Workshop.

About 100 scientists and engineers from 14 countries are expected to participate. The topic of the conference is the analysis of Swarm data, a satellite trio launched in November last year. The workshop takes place at GFZ (Telegrafenberg) and in Potsdam’s Wissenschaftsetage/Bildungsforum.

The complementary set of Swarm observations provides essential datasets to explore the geomagnetic field, Earth’s gravity field and the upper atmosphere. After the Swarm launch one year before the first datasets were released in May 2014. First scientific results were presented at ESA’s 3rd Swarm Science Meeting, June 19/20th in Copenhagen. At the national level the DFG Priority Programme DynamicEarth has started, which focusses on the data analysis of potential field missions, particularly data obtained by the Swarm spacecraft

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